Camden London 24-26th April 2014
  • Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band to Co-Headline Saturday Night at DesertFest 2015!!


    The annual pilgrimage to Desertfest London is not only an excuse to band together and create fuzzy, sweaty memories while we bathe in the sounds of some of the world’s heaviest bands...

    … it’s a time to pay homage to the birthplace of the generator-fueled, sun-baked, monstrous riffs we’ve come to know as “desert rock”: Palm Desert, California. When a bunch of teenagers found each other in the late ‘80s and started playing punk rock for parties under the expansive desert sky, they had no idea they’d Read the full article…

  • Acid King to Take the Throne at DesertFest 2015!

    acid king2

    Get ready to ride (or else take cover!) because stoner rock trailblazers Acid King are heading for DesertFest 2015!

    Of course, this titantic act should need absolutely no introduction but still, let us remind you… Since forming in 1993, San Francisco’s Acid King have built a fierce reputation as one of the best live bands in the stoner scene, with a sound built on a foundation of fuzz, drugs and pure Sabbath-worship. This is Read the full article…

  • Opus-Wielding Italians Ufomammut Return for DesertFest 2015!


    What would DesertFest 2015 be without a hearty slab of progressive, psychedelic sludge?

    Less badass, that’s what it would be; but you know full well we are badass, and as such we welcome our Italian friends Ufomammut to the bill. Crafting mind-melting masterpieces since 1999, the three-piece of Poia, Urla and Vita have taken sludge in a refreshing direction of their own that they keep evolving with every Read the full article…

  • The Vintage Caravan Jump on DesertFest 2015′s Wagon of Bands!

    vintage caravan

    If there’s one band who sum up the infectious party spirit of DesertFest, it could well be The Vintage Caravan.

    Despite founding members Óskar and Guðjón barely being out of their teens, they’ve been playing together for almost a decade, and it shows. Impossibly trippy solos seamlessly blend into effortlessly groove-laden riffs, whilst Óskar’s fuzzed out vocals command your attention with a sense of assured authority that belies his youth. The Reykjavik trio will undoubtedly Read the full article…

  • Aussie Amp-Fiends Don Fernando Set to Send DesertFest 2015 Down Under!


    Travelling from the other side of the world to rock your faces off at this years DesertFest are Australian riffsmen Don Fernando.

    The epitome of straight-up, no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall stoner rock, Don Fernando have been making waves around the world since 2006. Brimming with cocksure confidence, hooky grooves and reverberating fuzz, the simplest way to describe them is “catchy as all hell”. Introducing themselves to many with 2008s sublime ‘The Banquet of…’, Don Fernando followed up three Read the full article…

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