Camden London 24-26th April 2014
  • Prepare to get FLOORED at DesertFest 2015!


    Strap on your big-boy pants and prepare yourself for the devastating impact of the infamous bomb string because Florida's melodic stoner doom legends Floor are coming to obliterate DesertFest 2015!

    Formed in 1992, Floor distinguished themselves from their peers thanks to their unique blend of monolithic, down-tuned doom, stoner grooves and Steve Brooks’ distinctive vocal melodies. That, and their ability to destroy any venue they played with their bowel-rattling onslaught. The band released a series of split releases and EPs before finally issuing their magnum Read the full article…

  • The Wounded Kings Rise From their Swords Once Again for DesertFest 2015!

    wounded kings 2

    Dragged from the bogs of Dartmoor, The Wounded Kings emerge.

    Now in their tenth year, they are well-deserving of their status as UK doom veterans after earning universal praise for all four albums to date, with support slots for the likes of Lord Vicar and Altar of Plagues. The pilgrimage has been a long and arduous one, but leader and multi-instrumentalist Steve Mills’ vision has Read the full article…

  • Set your Karma to Burn at DesertFest 2015!


    Karma itself, being a concept as opposed to anything tangible, isn’t combustible but if any band were to set it on fire there is only one band to call on.

    For seventeen years (ignoring the seven year hiatus from 2002-2007), K2B have been a key fixture on the stoner rock scene with their (mostly) instrumental take on big-boned, amped-up, riff-heavy rock and roll. Over the course of six albums and innumerable gigs worldwide, these road dogs guarantee an ass kicking every time they tear up Read the full article…

  • Salute to the sun with Black Pyramid at DesertFest 2015!


    Dark days are ahead for DesertFest, as Camden’s ever blistering sun is about to be blotted out by the monumental shadow of a Black Pyramid.

    Accurately self-styled as a psychedelic war metal power-trio, Black Pyramid smash together early Electric Wizard and The Obsessed and throw out a good chunk of psych in the implosion. Blazing into our lives with 2009’s skull-battering eponymous album, Black Pyramid forced the doom scene to sit bolt upright and pay attention. Three years later, almost Read the full article…

  • Desert Storm to Sweep Through DesertFest 2015!


    Heavier than the combined weight of the planets and ballsier than Felix Baumgartner freefalling from space, Desert Storm will be returning to DesertFest 2015 to bring you some of the finest, grooviest and most face-melting riffs the UK has to offer.

    Since playing a storming set to a capacity crowd back in 2012 at the first-ever DesertFest, Oxford’s finest purveyors of stoner-tinged Southern rock have hardly stopped, having released their incredible second album ‘Horizontal Life’ (mastered by Billy Anderson) in 2013 and then touring relentlessly with fellow road-hardened lifers Karma to Burn, Honky, and most recently, Read the full article…

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